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Belize Mission 9

Day 1and 2

    Arriving in Belize we picked up our Patriot at 3:00 PM. Kent and I then started our drive south to Big Falls, about 180 miles to the south.  Arriving around 7:30 we got all the news that requires one to have a plan B.
    The bad news was that:
    1. Carmen’s son was in the hospital sick and they could not join us on the mission.
    2. Our hostess had rented out all the good rooms and the only thing available was an upstairs apartment with one bathroom and no air conditioning.
    3. The place that stored everything at the last minute (a church camp) was having Sunday morning services and we could not work on distribution until after 1PM Sunday.
    There was nothing we could do about the loss of our beloved Carmen on the mission, but the following day Jo found us another accommodation that was more user friendly.  Jo Audinett, who has been performing miracles for us this mission, suggested that we break out everything on Saturday and distribute that same day.  I thought this was mission impossible, but after seeing dynamo Jo organize and physically work all day Saturday I believe anything is possible.
Early Saturday morning over half the Rotary Club of Punta Gorda went to work sorting and distributing.  All but one in the above picture stayed the 9 hours it took to get almost everything out.
The first three hours were spent getting most of the product out of the storage room.  We left anything with electronics in the storage room because of the possibility of rain.  Pictured above is a fraction of what was on the container.
The first truck pulls out with equipment for 3 schools.  Thirteen other schools and the Ministry of Education picked up Saturday.  The last school will pick up Sunday evening.
The last school left at 4 PM. The school could not find a vehicle, so they brought their school bus.  It then took another hour to clean up and return anything not picked up to the storage room.  We do not distribute everything, but hold back many items.  We do this to exchange computers/TVs etc. that do not work.  Part of the plan is also to give held back items to schools with extra needs that are not apparent at the initial distribution.
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